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March 21, 2010 

What is greed? Webster’s New World defines greed as excessive desire, as for wealth. We have heard that greed is evil all our lives. Since the Obama administration has come along we have heard it applied to everything from wealthy people, business owners and oil and insurance companies. This definition would also almost imply that desire is as bad as greed. There are many Americans today who would agree with this definition, I am not one of them. 
I will first deal with the “desire” for wealth. Can you have excessive desire? When did desire become a bad thing? People desire to buy a new car or a bigger house. That desire leads them to hard work which provides them with wealth. In the course of their desire they supply jobs to the people who build cars and houses. The car and home builders have desire as well. They go to work and become wealthy so that they can use the fruits of their labor to supply themselves with the things they need and desire. It is a never ending cycle. Desire has led to all the great wealth producing ages in American history. The industrial age, the enlightenment, the dot com and so on where time periods that led America to become the most productive, wealthiest nation in the world. We still have these people in America today, these people who dare to desire and their desire is not a bad thing. It is what leads to the wealth of more than himself, it provides us jobs and leads to our own wealth. 
Wealth. When did wealth become a bad thing? You hear it everyday, “Money is the root of all evil.” Really? Ask yourself what is the root of wealth or money and the answer will be productivity. Productivity leads to earned wealth. Productive people provide us with the goods and services that we need to survive. It leads to their wealth. In return our own productivity provides them with the goods and services that they need to survive. Leading to our wealth. Trading ones own productivity for the productivity of others is the base of capitalism, the greatest economic system man has ever conceived. 
So knowing that that is the root of wealth, why do we apply a word such as greed to productivity? You could imply that we have to have wealth and wealthy people to survive. And you would be right. 

So, if these people are not greedy then who is? The answer is the person who offers nothing by means of production but expects to reap the benefits of it, the American recipient class. Asking for, expecting and taking that which they have not earned is greed. Instead of applying that nasty word to the life blood of society, we need to apply it where it belongs. We have to stop demonizing the productive people of the world and understand that they are essential. We must also demand that people earn what they receive. It is time to decide which way of life we want. Do we want the social justice world, where property (money) is taken from the producer and given to the non-producer, or do we want the world where capitalism demands that all produce. 

Before I am accused of being selfish I must clear a few things up. I understand that there are people in America who by means of mental/physical disability and young/old age that can not provide for themselves. These are the people who by means of a just society we are bound to care for. (There are better ways to do it but that is another topic for another day.) However, if you are capable, you will produce, or you will get what you deserve – nothing. 

“The best way to get someone out of poverty is to make them uncomfortable in their poverty.” Ben Franklin. 

Kole Jean 

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