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This page has a list of all the “Health Care” post.

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  1. Senate leader unveils $849 billion health care bill **NEW**
  2. Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao, the Louisiana Republican voted Yes on Health Care   **NEW**
  3. Baucus Plan Allows for Fines Up to $3,800 for Failing to Get Health Insurance 
  4. ‘Trigger’ on Government-Run Health Care Gun  
  5. Personal information is up for grabs with government health care 
  6. Obama’s Tweets 
  7. Obama Compares his Health Care Plan to The Civil Rights Movement 
  8. The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare
  9. Pelosi Calls Critics UN-American Again!
  10. White House Battles Drudge Over Health Care Video Clips
  11. President Obama Explains His Health Care
  12. Obama Rushes to Ohio to Pull The Wool Back Over Their Eyes
  13. Obama Rejects Claim That Health Care Defeat Could Mark His ‘Waterloo’
  14. This video explains how the “Health Care Reform” will work.
  15. Responsible Healthcare Reform Pledge
  16. Many Governors Against Health Care Bill, Label it Unfunded Mandate
  17. Regina Benjamin MD Back Ground Information
  18. Obama Taps Alabama Doctor for Surgeon General
  19. Conservative Democrats Want Health Care Bill Delayed, as Pelosi Vows to Push Forward
  20. Testicular Cancer and Uninsured
  21. Rahm Emanuel Meets With House Dems, Urging Action on Health Care Reform
  22. Griffith pushes health reform

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  1. I’m only a country doctor, but I hope will read my post on this subject today and leave a comment.

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