Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao, the Louisiana Republican voted Yes on Health Care


 The only Republican that voted YES on the Health Care Bill.

Cao was a major (and possibly the lone) target for Democrats hoping to get even a semblance of bipartisan support for the bill. He said after the vote that he had obtained a “commitment from President Obama that he and I will work together to address the critical health care issues of Louisiana.”

Ok now if Rep. Cao hasn’t noticed President Obama tends to lie allot to get what he is after then when caught in the lie the White House comes back saying “there must have been some misunderstanding”.

Here is just a little background information on Rep.Cao:

Current Office: U.S. House

Current District: 2

First Elected: 12/06/2008

Last Elected: 12/06/2008

Next Election: 2010 *** Up for reelection in 2010. Do the people of Louisiana want to reelect a Rep. that goes against what they want just because the President is willing to talk to him? Maybe they need somebody that doesn’t get so star struck when it is time to vote on a bill.

Party: Republican

Cao is a moderate Republican

Anh Cao missed 62 (7%) of 831 votes since Jan 6, 2009.

The top campaign contribution to Cao in 2007-2008 was $5,000 from employees of American Bankers Assn.

Anh Cao sits on the following committees:

Member, House Committee on Homeland Security
Member, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

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  1. Republican? A democrat in republican clothing. He is so afraid he WON’T get re-elected. Not that it would’ve made any differenc but his vote tells me that he is just another power hungry Dumocrat.

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