Obama’s Campaigning on taxpayers dime….


A stunned Obama uses Taxpayers money to get Democrats elected

A stunned Obama uses Taxpayers money to get Democrats elected


President Barack Obama, the leader who prods his critics to put politics aside, is doing anything but these days as he sets out to campaign for his party’s future.

Barreling Tuesday into several days of frenetic political activity, Obama The Campaigner has work to do in helping raise money and rally loyalists for lesser-known Democrats.

Dollars aren’t materializing as much as expected — even with a record-shattering fundraiser like Obama ( not our President but a record-shattering fundraiser) at the party’s helm and working furiously to bring in cash. And, two weeks before off-year elections, Democrats are facing the prospect of losing hard-fought gubernatorial races in Virginia and perhaps New Jersey, contests that depend on the Democratic base and that to a certain degree are shaping up as a test of Obama’s political strength.

All that’s a wake-up call for a party that controls both the White House and Congress and for a president elected in an electoral landslide less than a year ago.

Obama is putting his time on the line and his prestige to the test with a blitz of fundraisers and campaign appearances. ( of course he has nothing better to do while in the White House other than CAMPAIGN………not that we are in…….how does he but it……..the worst recession we’ve seen!! Lets not even think about him being concerned about the WAR where he just can’t be bothered to decide to send or not send more troops that GATES is begging for!!) How many of our men and women have to die while Obama CAMPAIGNS??

‘It now falls on to us’
He is asking donors not just for money, but also a burst of campaign energy to help him get his enormous domestic agenda passed, particularly health care reform. He does knowing it is harder to get people jazzed up to lobby Congress than to win an groundbreaking election.

“It now falls to us,” Obama told donors at a $30,000-per-couple fundraiser on Tuesday. “I hope that everybody here is willing to recapture that sense of excitement that comes from a big but achievable challenge, not a superficial excitement that comes from election day, but an excitement that comes from knowing we took on something that had to be taken on.”

At a second fundraiser focused on health care, Obama boasted of his first-year accomplishments, telling donors who paid $100 to $1,000 to attend that ‘we’ve already had one of the most productive first years of any administration in decades.” (Doing what?………he has accomplished spending more than any other president in his first year………..other than that …OH and the lies he tells…….which “Fact Checker” not Fox news points out…….what has he done???

“I’m just getting started,” he said. (God help us)

Obama stood to raise as much as $3 million in New York for the Democratic National Committee on Tuesday as well as an unspecified sum for Bill Owens (should this not be public record?…remember transparency?), the Democrat in a special congressional election in upstate New York. He paired an official White House event — a visit to a joint terrorism task force center — with the fundraising trip, meaning a reduced cost of presidential travel for the campaigns while taxpayers pick up the rest of the tab. (WHAT!!)

In the coming days, the president also will campaign for Democrats in New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida, a notable cashing-in of Obama’s time as he fights to pass health care reform and tries to find a winning Afghanistan strategy. (TRIES TO FIND A WINNING STRATEGY FOR AFGHANISTAN)  I think he should STOP campaigning …….just in case he doesn’t know HE WON…..now he needs to get to work at the job he was elected to do.

It’s not just this year’s races that are at issue but also the broader state of the Democratic Party — from cash-flow to enthusiasm — heading into next year. In the 2010 elections, Democrats will try to defend their majorities in Congress and seek to pick up governor’s seats.

The party in power typically loses congressional seats in the first election of a president’s term. Obama certainly wants to avoid the fate of Bill Clinton, who similarly swept into office with youthful energy only to see his party lose control of Congress two years later.

With all that at stake, Obama is choosing to insert himself intensely into the process while keeping in mind that he also could be associated with defeats should Democrats lose.

Including Tuesday’s events, Obama will have headlined 23 fundraisers so far in his nine-month presidency, according to Mark Knoller of CBS News, who keeps a detailed log of presidential activities. This compares with six for President George W. Bush’s first year in office, though his efforts were cut short because of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. (President Bush knew when to campaign and when to be president!………When Our people were being KILLED President Bush knew it was time to be the president and make tough decisions about war)

Obama is calculating that he can’t afford criticism from the Democratic Party’s base supporters that he’s not helping candidates.Obama also extended his ban on money from political action committees and lobbyists to the DNC, deep-pocketed Wall Street donors aren’t ponying up as much as expected, and grass-roots supporters who were the bedrock of last year’s campaign aren’t as energized as they were when there was a clear objective — taking the White House from Republicans by electing Obama. ( deep-pocketed Wall Street donors heard him say he was going to redistribute their wealth so they aren’t so free willy to give him more………and his “grass-roots supporters” are being cought on film breaking the law so we are all on to ACORN)

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