“I Pray Obama Melts Like a Snail”

** Wait about coming to a conclusion until you listen to the whole Sermon

TEMPE, Ariz. – The sermons at this east valley church are stirring controversy and for some, causing alarm. Pastor Steven Anderson says he’s a man of God, but some are horrified at what he’s preaching.

Anderson is standing by his controversial sermon, entitled “Why I Hate Barack Obama.” Video of the sermon has hit YouTube, and he’s taped explaining why he hates the President and praying for his death.

** Obama Starts involving Priest to pass his “Health Care” quoting the Bible wanting them to do SERMONS and PRAYERS to get it passed. He want Churches to pray for the bill to pass that WILL pay for abortions. We already pay them in Africa.

Sunday at church, Anderson told FOX 10, “I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy and I hope it happens today.” Ted Kennedy funeral was a 9 hour infomercial on health care. When a child gets up at their grandparents funeral and talks about health care for everyone………come on…….can you said spoon fed? The Priest read a letter Kennedy wrote to the Pope at his grave site……..shameful. Now the lines are begainning to blur between Church and State. You can’t pray in school BUT the President can tell a Priest what to do his sermons on.

I am not the only one that noticed that the funeral was a infomercial (a must read) Democrats lower themselves to using Ted Kennedy’s funeral as an ObamaCare/KennedyCARE infomercial 

Anderson is continuing to encourage his parishioners to pray for the president’s death, but says he doesn’t condone killing.

“I will not take the law into my own hands. I will not take up any arms. It’s a spiritual battle, spiritual warfare.” People of Faith need to stand up and be noticed………NO………Do Not go Kill ANYONE…..but you can vote them out……..IMPEACH the President……….call your Senators, Governors, Congressmen/women…… Pray for our Country.

Sunday, about 30 parishioners of the Faithful Word Baptist Church were met by a handful of protesters.

“A pastor, a man of the cloth, doesn’t condone assassinating people. He’s not a pastor, he’s a pas-turd,” said protester Bill Demski. Some of the protesters tried to go into the church, but were denied.

“I find it incomprehensible that someone can say they believe in the message of Jesus and preach hate,” added protester James Jones.

Tempe Police patrolled the area to make sure tempers didn’t get out of hand, while many parishioners walked into the church carrying guns on their hips.

One of them was Christopher Broughton, who got national attention when he brought an AR-15 assault rifle to an Aug. 17 rally outside the Phoenix Convention Center where President Obama was addressing veterans.

We asked him if he wanted to clarify what the impact of Pastor Anderson’s sermon was on his decision to bring a gun to the rally, but he had no response.

Anderson says his sermon about wanting Obama to die was not meant to rile people up. “If anything, I was talking him down,” he said, “Not riling him up.”

Pastor Anderson says his hatred of Obama and former president Bush stems from his views on abortion and the Iraq War.

“Look up the word hate. Look up the word abhor, the word loathe. You’ll see there are a lot of people that God hates, and so we should hate. But see, I didn’t write that,

that’s in the Bible.”

The pastor says that since his sermon on Obama was posted on YouTube, he and his family have received death threats.

“If people want to wish deaths on me I don’t have a problem with that. But when people say, ‘I’m coming to kill you and your family within the next 36 hours,’ that’s different than them hoping or wishing something in their mind,” said Anderson.

The White House had no comment

Watch the entire vedio before you comment

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  1. the country, inbred mofo’s rantings dont mean anything. Its obvious this is just another WHITE person who cant except the fact that Barack Obama, a black man is President of the United States! Get the phuck out of denial and just deal with it. Whining every chance yall get about bullshit will get you anywhere.

    • Obamanite,
      It is so very sad when you have nothing constructive to say on the subject and resort to calling people racist. How could either a white or black person possibly be racist against President Obama? If they are black Half of President Obama is black………If they are white half of President Obama is white so either way they’d be racist against themselves. Unless they are neither black nor white. Oh…..I’m so sorry……..you did know that President Obama is half white…….didn’t you?

      Come back and post when you have something constructive to say. I do not expect people to agree but using the “racist” bull is not acceptable.

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