Civilian Federal Employees Get Pay Raise While People on Disability Don’t


Civilian federal employees won’t get as big a pay raise as expected next year, President Obama announced Monday.  

In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Obama said he has decided — in light of the economic crisis — that civilian federal employees should receive a 2 percent pay increase starting Jan. 1, 2010, instead of the 2.4 percent across-the-board increase that was expected. **How can Obama show his face in public after this? People that are on Disability and receive SSI checks are NOT getting a coast of living increase but people that work,could work two jobs are receiving a raise.

Combined with other local pay raises, the White House estimated the total cost to be $22.6 billion in fiscal year 2010 alone. Obama said such an increase is not appropriate. Any pay raise is NOT appropriate. That goes for the Senators and Congress! We should be voting o their pay raises instead of them voting on it themselves. How many Senators or Congressmen have EVER voted to not increase their own pay? How much are all the Czars being paid? Who decided their pay rate?

“With unemployment at 9.5 percent in June to cite just one economic indicator, few would disagree that our country is facing serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare,” Obama wrote. “The growth in federal requirements is straining the federal budget.” Does he think about the STRAIN he wants to adds by passing the OBAMACARE?

U.S. Code grants the president the authority to submit an alternative pay plan if he “views the adjustments that would otherwise take effect as inappropriate due to ‘national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare.'”  The Democrats have been talking about how the Stimulus bailout has worked then why is Obama saying “our country is facing serious economic conditions? It can not be both ways………seems as if he is flipping and flopping as needed again.

Obama said that if necessary, he will also provide an alternative plan for the locality pay rates by Nov. 30.

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