President Obama Explains His Health Care

How many different ways does President Obama and the democrats have to explain what it is that they want? He said it over and over throughout the champagne but nobody was listening now everyone is worried about it. His “Health Care Reform”  has now changed to ” Health Care Insurance Reform” . Ask yourself, why the need for the name change? The answer is very simple. No one wants it as Health Care Reform but now if they go after the big bad insurance companies well that is a different story all together.

Maybe you will believe what you see in this video


If you do believe what is written on blogs I can’t blame you because I don’t either so I research things for myself. You can’t help believe what you hear yourself. President Obama said himself that he wants a single payer health care.

The only question left is do you??

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  1. […] line if this Health Care Reform goes through. You can hear it from the President himself ” President Obama Explains His Health Care ” . I know they are saying this clip is fake but if the words never came out of his mouth it […]

  2. As an addition, Part of a video is like showing part of my words in this reply. The whole picture not just an exerpt you wish to promote your side.
    You learned well from the insurance companies.

  3. I am 58 years young and I see a lot of misguided people due to the money allocated to dupe the soap box wanna bees. They jump on the band wagon that has the most and loudest speakers. They want to cheer lead the rich. They seem like they are right. After all I see their side on tv all of the time.
    Study before you sing the Doctors, pill pushers and insurance companies and the rich song. You are being duped by money and an old game. The loudest is right! Right?

    At least if you were a lobbyist you would be getting paid almost a million dollars a day. But you do it for free. Why?
    By so many appearing to be against his plan Obama already has to give up some of what he is fighting for. “The majority of the people. You”
    Wake up before you mess it all up. Be a Robin Hood if you want attention.
    Do you want to be a cheerleader and get noticed guys? Then were a dress. Everyone will then notice you. I personally like the intelligent ones that studied before making a judgment and portraying themselves as a champion.
    We all stand to lose a Hugh opportunity. We lost it once when Clinton tried and lost. Don’t do it again.
    Study first. It is very important.

    • Joseph,
      First off lets get the rudeness out of the way here.”Do you want to be a cheerleader and get noticed guys? Then were a dress.” First, it’s wear not were. Second, the WORDS are coming out of President Obama’s own mouth. I know they are now out saying people are streaming videos together to make it look bad….but he has said the same thing in his town hall meetings in front of everyone. So I ask you how can you not believe it?
      Just as he told “Joe the plumber” that he was going to redistribute the wealth when he thought nobody was listening. When he found that someone taped it what did he do? He tried to explain it away and acted like poor little Obama.
      I know we need health care fixed. I know people need help when they don’t have insurance. I wrote about it here: . I also know we have health care in place that could be reworked so that everyone could have insurance. It could be based on a persons income. We have Medicaid, Medicare, All Kids (All kids is a insurance for children based on the parents income.) It is shameful that a person who has just been told he has cancer isn’t worried about dying but about how he’s going to pay for the treatment.
      I have studied first that is why I know that what President Obama is pushing is wrong. Have you studied up on the subject?

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