Obama’s Bloggers are going mad

The thought that some people might be questioning President Obama’s Birth Certificate has Obama’s blogger’s going mad. Roy Edroso has a blog “Exploring the right wing Blogosphere”. He was kind enough to take a snippet from my blog

Obama’s to Blame for the Birther Movement  ” and let on like I am a right wing blogger. I am not right wing I am a Independent. Yet because I question why President Obama was not vetted as well as former Gov. Palin he just assumes I’m a “Birther”. I truly hate to upset anyone on the left but I’m a THINKER.

 I guess I might take Roy serious if it wasn’t for the trash to the side of his blog 3675680_74 Talking about stoned faces



or Sunday show at slipper room3675380_74

I ask you……how can you take this web site  (      http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/archives/exploring_the_r/  ) serious. I guess I need to Investigate what is going on with the “so called left wingers”. I just wonder if all their sites are like this one.

If you want to be taken serious keep it clean.

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  1. As usual , You are up to REAL good stuff! Thanks for staying with it, you are a Patriot.
    One complaint…. If it weren’t for a post at Obama-Soetoro-exposed I would not have known you started a new blog! Did you inform all who follow you? Could be I just missed it, but usually when I get an email from yu I read it right away! (could be that I miss reading any REAL news and have come to depend on you and OSE to have any idea of truth!)
    Keep up the good fight, you are definately right in all your intuitions and well thought out reasoning!!

  2. Ha ha, good one! You rock!

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