This video explains how the “Health Care Reform” will work.

Can you live with that? Have you seen the new Health Care Bill? How many Presidents have made promises when they push a bill through then change everything while we aren’t looking? How many millionaire’s are in the U. S. that are willing to stay and pay ?

House Dem Aims to Tax the Wealthy for Health Care Reform.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel’s plan is to tax households that earn at least $350,000 annually while controlling health care costs by cutting parts of Medicare and Medicaid. *Do you know any one on Medicaid? My son was on it when he was younger. You are told how many times a year you can go to the doctor, if you can go to the E.R. or if you should suffer till you can see your doctor. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to get glasses after you have your eye exam. How long do you want to wait?

We need health care reform don’t let me lead you to think other wise. We need to reform Medicaid to work more like ALL KIDS. All KIDS is like having Blue Cross insurence. It is based on your income so if you have no income you pay nothing. They need to let everyone in need on Medicaid not just under 18  or Disabled (only if government thinks you are disabled).

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