SHOCKING Obama words: bombshell anti-white audio uncovered!

Audio Uncovered. His hypocrisy on race and divisive, negative comments about white people have been found!! This is straight from the audio book of Obama’s biography, unfiltered and unedited. This video exposes the racism at the heart of the rhetoric!!!



Audio book Dreams From My Father


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  1. I have never known a black man or woman that did not hate or blame whites for their failures in school, their being arrested and jailed for drug dealing, theft, assaults and murders they have committed.

    They find it easy to blame whites for all their failures in life. Never taking responsibilities for their own actions or lack of action.

    • I have know some wonderful African American people that work hard for a living. I have also had the misfortune of meeting some who think I owed them something because whites had slaves way before my time. The way I was raised people are people no matter what the race. My sons were raised the same. Respect people that deserve your respect ……….distant yourself from those who act foolish.
      There are people in all races that think as President Obama does…… is not as good as the other…… is shameful. I just worry about what we are all in for with him being president……..should he have been vetted better YES……did people try YES………the question now is who cleared the way for Obama??

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